Tricks for cleaning your keyboard

You’ve likely heard that your keyboard could be dirtier than a toilet seat – but are the rumors true? Levels of germs on a keyboard vary, but are often quite high. Some keyboards that have been tested have, in fact, shown levels of germs five times higher than germs found on a toilet.

If that alone doesn’t make you want to clean your keyboard, the fact that you use it on a daily basis should be. The germs that accumulate due to sickness, food, and just everyday bacteria can quickly add up and spread to other items on your desk. Luckily, we have some advice that can help you clean your keyboard quickly and effectively.

Detach the keyboard

Regardless of whatever cleaning method you’re using, it’s always best to disconnect your keyboard first. Failing to do so could cause your computer to be damaged. It could also cause you to accidentally type some things or perform actions on your machine that you didn’t intend to.

For a quick fix

Try utilizing a can of compressed air to get out any loose debris that has accumulated inside your keyboard. We’ve all seen how dirty it gets underneath those keys, and this eliminates the majority of that dirt in just a few seconds.

Spray the compressed air while your keyboard is upside down and tap the keyboard until you see loose dirt fall out. You might have to do this a couple of times in order to get rid of the majority of the debris. To make sure you’re really getting it clean, dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and swab the edges of the keys.

For a more thorough cleaning

If simply cleaning out the dirt isn’t sufficient for you, you can remove the keys for a more squeaky-clean keyboard. The keys can be taken off by gently prying them up with a small screwdriver or something similar.

Once they’ve been removed, use the air compressor to eliminate the loose dirt first. Then wipe the entire keyboard with a moist cloth. Finish it off by again cleaning each of the keys with the isopropyl alcohol.

After a spill

If you only need to know what to do after you’ve spilled on your keyboard, it’s simple. Immediately unplug the keyboard, turn it upside down and use a cloth to soak up all of the excess liquid. Then leave the keyboard upside down for as long as possible to make sure it is completely dry.

If you’d like more keyboard cleaning tips, take a look at this how-to guide.

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