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Shammam Consulting Services, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Bradley Shammam, a native San Diegan with a strong background in retail, financial accounting, business consulting, programming, technology, custom development and software and computer skills. Bradley is joined by a strong team of professionals that are dedicated to lead companies to grow, thrive and succeed. We pride ourselves in our stellar work ethic and outstanding customer service. which has led us to be a referral based business for over 15 years.


Our diverse expertise and strong foundation has given us the opportunity to service a variety of businesses such as Grocery Stores, Restaurant Chains, Wholesale/Distribution, Gas Stations, Retail Specialty Stores, Medical Offices, Real Estate & Mortgage Offices, Law Offices, and more.


With offices in San Diego, CA and Las Vegas, NV and resources throughout North America we have the capability to consult for companies around the globe. With team members in multiple states and access to modern technology there are no limitations to what we can do.

Why Clients choose Shammam

  • Expert Team of Professionals: Our team of professionals are handpicked for their skills, intelligence and attitude; it takes all three to provide great service to our clients.
  • Comprehensive Retail Solutions: From grocery retail, restaurants, hardware, software and services to financial, development, process engineering and backups, we have our clients covered from A to Z.
  • Global Presence: With our Global presence, keeping our clients running and successful anywhere in the World is our top priority.
  • Relationships First: Our team understands the value and unique opportunities each client brings. Our passion is to ensure your success both short and long term.
  • Friendly and Professional Help Desk: We understand there is never enough time. Our dedicated staff is standing by, ready to take your call and prioritize, assign and resolve your issues.
  • Family Owned and Operated:  Bradley and family have 30+ years of applied experience in retail, accounting, Microsoft Dynamics, programming, software development, IT and more. Our family and staff are there to help you succeed.
  • Empowering Customer Experience: We solve issues by empowering our clients with the solution(s) so they understand their environment and focus on how to stay successful and achieve their specific goals.
  • Outside the Box “Problem Solvers”: Our team of dynamic, capable, tenured and highly experienced employees offer creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Extensive Knowledge Base: We work with multiple partners in a large network of collaborative problem solvers with shared customer service experience.

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