Shammam Consulting Services, Inc.  |  Azure Hosting

Shammam Consulting Services, Inc. partners with Microsoft to provide our customers with flexible cloud hosting options. With deep expertise in Microsoft Azure hosting and a long track record of delivering exceptional customer service, Shammam Consulting Services, Inc. delivers a Microsoft cloud solution that meets your special requirements today and in the future.

Why Shammam Consulting as your Azure cloud partner?

  • ✔ Get security and compliance built-in
  • ✔ Maintain 100% uptime
  • ✔ Reduce your operating costs
  • ✔ Easy scaling for growing businesses
  • ✔ Fully Managed Service
  • ✔ 24/7 expert support

Our team of experts bring real-world experience, best practices and architectural/operational patterns that help make your cloud initiatives a success.