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Introducing LOC SMS – the premier POS software for grocery retailers! 

LOC SMS software is designed to help grocery retailers streamline their checkout process and provide a smooth, seamless experience for customers. With powerful features and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, LOC SMS is the perfect choice for any grocery retailer looking to improve their operations. 

Some of the key features of LOC SMS include: 

  • Advanced inventory management, including real-time tracking and automatic reordering. 
  • Customizable reports and analytics, to help grocery retailers make informed business decisions. 
  • Integrated loyalty and rewards programs, to help grocery retailers build customer loyalty and drive sales. 
  • Support for a wide range of hardware, including Toshiba Retail POS systems, Datalogic scanner scales, and VeriFone pin pads. 

We also offer comprehensive implementation services to help grocery retailers get the most out of their POS investment. Our development team can automate many processes and procedures, making it easier for grocery retailers to manage their operations and focus on providing a great experience for their customers. 

Combined, LOC SMS and our implementation services provide a complete, integrated POS solution that will help grocery retailers improve their operations and provide a better experience for their customers. Contact us today to learn more and to get started with LOC SMS! 



Security & Peace of Mind

Fully PCI complaint. certified with both PCI DSS & Visa PABP.

Point of Sale

Process transactions quickly through HTML5 based touch screen interface.

Back Office Management

Full-featured item maintenance including movement analysis & profitability by category by store.

Inventory Control

Controls for receiving & cost of goods management, with inner-store transfers..

Merchandising & Promotions Management

Unparalleled sale & promotional options offering virtually unlimited combinations & offers.

Purchasing, DSD & Receiving Management

Electronically order, receive & update inventory, all from host.


Maintain customer profiles, full loyalty programs & deliver electronic coupons during or after the transaction, all from host.

Digital Signage

Create customizable point-of-purchase messaging based on transaction details.

Integrated Payments & Reporting

Direct interfaces with First Data & Wordlpay, including VeriShield, Voltage Security or RSA.

Accounts Receivable

Manage customer account balances in real-time, with shared accounts.

In-House Gift Cards

Manage gift cards and voucher balances, including online redemption.

eWIC & Smart WIC Interfaces

Connect with WIC seemlessly.

E-Commerce & Phone App Engines

Fully integrated with merchandising chainwide.

Labor Management

Integrate labor costs into financial reporting & pull it any time.

Integrated Sign & Label Printing

Print signs & labels via batch or within item maintenance, by aisle, by location, by store.

MobilePOS & Inventory Management

Perfect for queue busting, inventory management, price verification or changes, in-aisle lables.

Physical Security

Review transactions live or recorded from back office with full EJ search.

Warehouse Management

Efficiently manage ordering and shipping processes.

Centralized Reports & Price Updates

Deploy tighter control measures with less interaction.

Scale Integration

Prevent pricing errors by simultaneously sending prices to POS and scales, plus pull scale production details.

Kiosk & Price Checker

Verify price, customer points, balance and deliver promotions.

Fuel Integration

Fully integrated fuel module including pump management and cross marketing.

Food Service Integration

Run the same system in all concepts, plus cross market between concepts.

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