“The independent grocer needs to buy into the idea that technology can take ’em to the next level. And LOC is the perfect software suite to bring them to that level. . .”


Learn how Pete’s Fresh Market breaks down and analyzes their chain’s information – leading directly to larger bottom lines. Pete’s customizes the capabilities within SMS to meet their specific needs, creating the best solution for them – not just implementing another out-of-the-box offer.


“My favorite feature of LOC is the reporting. The reporting that is built into LOC, and the way I want to pull the information, is very easy, and it is also very quick.”


“We didn’t have as much control over stuff as we do now. We were limited to what our corporate office allowed us to do. . .Now everything is there.”


Learn how Piggly Wiggly Central South Carolina eliminated pricing and TPR syncrohnization issues for all sixteen stores in their chain. And listen to how their team also stopped vendor cost


discrepancies, increased accuracy, and just made everybody’s lives a lot simpler.
“The team they put together with DCR and LOC, is the greatest thing out there.”