Attributes of Good Apps

A good app is one that provides value. But what determines that value? A large consideration for that answer is the functionality of the app itself, be it practical or entertaining. However, it’s important to consider the design and development put into the app. If Angry Birds crashes unexpectedly in your favorite level, then does that app still contain value? No matter what the case, if you’re debating purchasing a hot new app, here are a few key factors to consider when determining any app’s inherit value.

Stability and Reliability

    A good app is one that has been rigorously tested. There are several outlying factors that can decide how an app will function and, if not tested all possible situations, you might find yourself using an app with limited functionality. Some things to consider when looking at the stability and reliability of an app: does it work without WIFI? Does it work when on airplane mode? Does it work if the service of the phone is interrupted? Depending on what the app is made to do, these factors can be paramount. Make sure to research the testing that went into any app you are considering.

Consumer Consideration

    App developers need to consider how their app will affect the user. Even a cheap app can be costly if it consumes too much data. Most Smartphones come with a limited data plan. A good app will consider the consumer and be designed in a way that will not infer further charges with their monthly cellphone plan.  When deciding on which app to download, make sure to research the data transfer rate needed to use the app as well as any other factors that might create be supplementary charges.

A Well Built API

    API stands for application programing interface. In layman’s terms, an API is the part of an app’s programing that controls how it communicates with other apps and programs. This is an important part of any app’s development because it directly affects functionality. If you download an app that connects your smartphone to your Twitter account and the API is dysfunctional and doesn’t connect well, the functionality of that app is rendered useless. Basically, if the API is broken, your Twitter postings will not work. Make sure to research the reliability of an app’s API before downloading.

While an app’s worth can be of objective determination, there will always be several key elements to look for when searching for that perfect new download. For more tips on finding great apps, take a look a this article.

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