3 simple office fixes to increase productivity

No matter the time of year or the project you’re focusing on, there are always things that can get you off task. Though there is no way to completely eliminate those distractions, there are several ways to minimize them and increase productivity. Here are a couple of them:

Keep a clean office

Clutter often results in distraction. Keeping your office organized and encouraging your employees to do the same can help people to be more focused. Removing those unwanted distractions by cleaning up every once in a while can make a significant difference in employee productivity.

Increase the temperature

In one study, a cooler office was shown to have quite a negative effect on employee productivity. In a slightly warmer office, employees made 44% fewer typing errors and their typing output increased by an incredible 150%. Based on those figures, a bigger heating bill may be well worth it.

Lighten up

One study demonstrated that brighter offices can make a substantial difference in employee productivity. Employees who worked in windowed offices spent 15% more time staying on task than those working in windowless offices.

Not only does this change help to increase productivity, it also can help you save money on your electricity bill by lighting up the office naturally. Because it’s so easy to do, it’s surely in your best interest to open blinds and move employees into offices with windows whenever possible.

These basic office adjustments are extremely easy to make and can make a huge difference in the amount of work that is accomplished.

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