Have the Best Attitude for the Job

Being successful in business is due in large part to your attitude. Professional skill and connections will take you far, but if you lack a personable demeanor, you may find success to be unrealistic. At its core, business is about relating to people by way of offering goods or services. While being ambitious and passionate are important character traits for business success, it’s also important to realize that you have to sell yourself before you can sell a product. Here are some important things to remember when developing your attitude in business.

1.    Think positively

It may seem obvious or even obtuse, but staying positive is of great importance.  Studies show that workers who praise others in the office, set realistic goals and exercise being grateful for even small accomplishments are the ones that get ahead. Being pessimistic sets a personal expectation for failure and can lead to a lack of success. To learn more, please read this article.

2.    Be assertive without being aggressive

Assertiveness is one of the top traits of those successful in business, however it is often coupled with aggressiveness. The most important thing when attempting to be assertive without being aggressive is communication. When asserting yourself in the office, allow other people as much time to describe their needs as you’ve allowed yourself. When they are expressing their needs, try not to devalue their perspectives; doing so will help you stay open to meeting them halfway.

Considering these tips will help make you a team player and, in turn, make advancement an obtainable goal. For more tips, read this article.

3.    Approach conflict with compassion

No matter where you work, you’ll eventually find yourself in conflict with a coworker. When resolving the matter, make sure you approach the other person with an adequate amount of compassion. We all deal with stress; sometimes it even gets the better of us. Keeping your mind open when resolving conflict will improve your skills at doing so. Being able to effectively deal with interpersonal conflict is a personality trait that is sure to help you advance in any career. If you’re interested in learning more on showing compassion during conflict, take a look at this article.

No matter your experience or career, people will always be challenging to deal with. Having a fresh and positive attitude when dealing with them will allow you to advance and flourish in the work place. Remembering these simple tips are the first steps in cultivating a good business attitude, and having a good business attitude is the first step to advancing your career.

A guide to IPv6

You’ve almost certainly heard over the last few weeks that the Internet will soon be going through a big change. The change you’ve been hearing about is the transition to IPv6, which many people are still puzzled by. Read on for an explanation of IPv6 and what it could mean for you.

What it is

IPv6 is the latest version of IP, or Internet Protocol, which is the method by which data is transmitted over the Internet. IPv4 is the version of IP that has been used up until now, but it is running out of addresses. This is where IPv6 comes into play.

The previous version of IP, IPv4, used 32-bit addresses, which allowed for a total of 4 billion unique addresses. IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses, making it possible to create many more unique addresses. 

How the transition may affect you

Most likely, you will experience most of your problems with IPv6, if any, during the initial migration from IPv4. The potential problems will likely depend on the browser you use and the Web server that is hosting the domain you wish to access. Some potential issues include:

  • If you’re using IPv6 and you try to access an IPv4 site, you may receive a “404” error.
  • If you are on a network that only supports IPv4, you may not be able to access IPv6 sites – you can reconfigure your network in order to fix this.

Despite the potential for problems, many people agree that you will most likely still be able to view any site if you are using IPv6.

How to avoid IPv6-related problems

Fortunately, if you are concerned about problems you might come across during the transition, there are a few resources designed to help you out. http://omgipv6day.com/ and http://test-ipv6.com/ are two websites that will alert you if you are likely to see any problems due to the IPv6 transition. 

Overall, IPv6 will be a much-needed change that will allow for a greater volume of information and activity on the Internet. For more information on IPv6 and the transition, take a look at this article.

The Pros and Cons of relying on Computer Tablets

Computer tablets have become tremendously popular since the introduction of Apple’s iPad in 2010. Competitors have released their own versions and, almost overnight, a new technological commodity has become a competing force in the business world. Though that’s not to say that tablets are ideal for any business setting. We could very well look at the iPad a decade from now in the same way we currently view tape decks. When deciding on whether or not to purchase a tablet, it’s best to be educated. Consider these pros and cons before you make this expensive purchase.


  • Tablets can go anywhere. The ability to access important documents at any location is valuable. As businesses begin to utilize cloud computing more frequently, it becomes even more imperative that you increase personal accessibility.
  • Tablets are very practical tools. As developers continue to design new business apps that improve over time, there will be a growing amount of potential work uses for tablets.
  • Tablets communicate ability. Successfully employing a computer tablet as a work tool will let your clients know that you mean business. Taking notes on a tablet during a meeting could increase others’ confidence in your abilities.


  • Tablets are a luxury. Whether you have a laptop or a desktop, a tablet isn’t something you absolutely need. Business might advance to a market that requires the use of tablets, but as of now there is generally a less complicated alternative to any function a tablet can complete.
  • Tablets are toys. Similar to smartphones, tablets are designed to function as entertainment, making it easy to become distracted with streaming video or games.
  • Tablets are a new technology. Though this makes them exciting and cutting edge, it also makes them expensive and sometimes faulty. Developers often release these items before they are perfected, and it might be a few years down the road until a fully reliable tablet is released at a reasonable cost.

Computer tablets are often very useful tools, though at the same time they can operate as nothing more than very expensive toys. Depending on your needs, a tablet could be the perfect fit, but make sure to weigh the pros and cons prior to making a final decision. If you are interested in reading further, please read over this article.

A deeper look into NFC mobile chips

The payment systems we use are not especially complicated, but what if they could be even simpler? NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is hoping to achieve that. NFC mobile chips hope to change our current payment systems by letting us transmit data from one device to another, at close range.

How will we use it?

This technology is mainly going to be integrated into smartphones. Phones are one of the things that we tend to carry around with us at all times. In fact, a number of us have them in our hands while we’re ordering coffee or paying for groceries.

By integrating NFC chips into smartphones, users should be able to store their credit card information on their phones. Then, when they are at a business that utilizes the technology, they can simply scan their phones to purchase at the register.

Google Wallet

Google just announced its foray into the mobile payments world. Google Wallet, which hopes to take the place of the traditional wallet, is available on certain Android devices, but Google plans to release a sticker that will allow other devices to work with the Google Wallet. A number of retailers have already signed on to work with Google Wallet.

There have long been rumors of Apple building their own mobile payment system for the iPhone, and RIM will likely be following suit. Because mobile payments are such a huge advancement, it’s unlikely that other smartphone makers will open their phones up to Google’s technology.

Other potential uses

NFC mobile chips will likely soon be doing much more than just helping you pay for your coffee. Some of those potential uses include:

  • Replace passports and boarding passes
  • Products might contain RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags on them that you can scan in order to gather information.
  • Pet tags may soon have RFID tags attached that you can scan if you find a lost puppy.
  • Replace keys – no more clunky key chains!

NFC mobile chips are certain to alter the way we do many things. While the transition may take a while, it is sure to make our lives a little easier.

For more information on NFC mobile chips and how they work, check out this article.

4 technology terms and what they mean

Even though technology is present in all of our daily lives, many of us are still unfamiliar with the terms associated with it.  Fortunately, we’re here to clear up some of the confusion. Read on for an explanation of four common technology-related terms.


Cookies are fundamentally what allow websites to identify you when you revisit them. By allowing cookies, you are allowing your web browser to give the website data such as your username, password and preferences. They can save you a great deal of time by preventing you from reentering your information over and over again.

Unfortunately, cookies can also be seen as a privacy issue. Because they store your information and track your activity they make it easier for someone to access your data. Most experts agree, however, that merely limiting the amount of cookies you allow will help protect your online identity.


A URL, or uniform resource locator, is simply a web address. It is what you type into the address bar of your browser, usually beginning with “http,” that takes you to the website you want to visit.


Cloud is one of the most used terms in tech these days yet it still has many people scratching their heads. The cloud is made up of web-based services that you can use on any computer without buying hardware or installing software. Google Docs and Facebook are among the most common cloud services today.


Flash is a platform owned by Adobe that enables you to view animation and dynamic displays on the Internet. Installing a Flash plug-in on your browser ensures that you can view certain videos and other displays that can’t otherwise be seen. Although Flash has been the leader for a long time, HTML5 is quickly emerging as a competitor.

Technology-related terms may seem overwhelming but understanding the basics can make it all much easier to grasp.

If you’d like to see a more in-depth description of tech terms, take a look at this glossary.