Tech gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and many of us are still clueless as to what to get. If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck. We have five tech-inspired gift ideas that are sure to please any mom.

Digital picture frame

Every mom loves to relive family memories through pictures. That’s why digital picture frames are so great. They allow your mom to relive a new memory whenever she wants. If you help her set it up, she can sit back and start appreciating the gift right away.

Tech time

Your mom may love using tech but there’s a good chance that she doesn’t know how to use all of her devices. With this gift, you can offer your tech expertise. She might have a gadget that needs fixing or she simply might need you to show her how to use the DVD player. Whatever it is, she’s sure to appreciate your time.

Digital magazine or Netflix subscription

Most moms have a particular TV show they can’t miss or a magazine they absolutely need to read every week. If this is the case, your mom will certainly benefit from a digital subscription. This gives your mom the opportunity to read her monthly magazine without the clutter.

A Netflix subscription will give your mom the chance to catch up on her favorite TV shows on her own time. She can also use this to watch that movie that her friends have been discussing for months now. Either way, it’s sure to be a big hit.


A tablet could be a fantastic gift for Mom. Tablets are incredibly popular, instantly making your mom one of the coolest on the block, and are also very portable. Your mom can do virtually anything she’d like with the iPad or PlayBook and carry it with her wherever she goes.

If a traditional tablet is a little out of your price range, the Nook Color may work better for you. It still boasts the portability of the iPad and has a great deal of games and apps available.

Quality time

Many moms feel like they don’t get to see their kids enough. If this is the case in your family, try giving your mom a coupon for video chat sessions with you and your family. This will surely be a standout gift.

We all know our moms will love whatever gift we get for them. These gifts, however, will show you care and you put thought into it. Try surprising your mom this year with a great gift that she can actually use.

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Take a look at Prezi – the online presentation tool

Prezi is a name you might have heard a couple of times if you’re into presentations. It’s an online presentation tool that’s different than most and, because of this, has a lot of admirers. What, exactly, makes Prezi so amazing?


Since Prezi is flash-based, your presentation doesn’t need to be completely linear, like most presentations. Instead, you can easily create a visual map containing anything from words to links.

You can zoom in and out of the image to various ideas, links and images. This eliminates the need for identical slides or backtracking when you have to revisit an idea.


Prezi presentations are created differently than most, which can make it hard to get used to at first. Once you have become comfortable with the program, however, it is like second nature. You can create presentations like you would a thought map, which is fantastic for those non-linear thinkers.

If you are having any difficulty getting used to the user interface, simply check out one of the many tutorials on Prezi’s website.

While Prezi is web-based, it permits you to download your presentation once it is complete. This is especially convenient for anyone who worries about the stability of his or her Internet connection during the presentation. The tool can be used for free or purchased for $59/year for additional storage and privacy.

Prezi is an incredible tool. While not everyone is looking to ditch PowerPoint, this is a great alternative.